Declaration of two inter-Afghan delegations in Tehran

Following a two-day meeting between an Afghan delegation and a Taliban delegation, in Tehran, consensus was reached on a number of points.

According to a statement Thursday made by the two sides the following was agreed to:

  1. The delegations commend the efforts and goodwill of the Islamic Republic of Iran in securing peace in Afghanistan and the hospitality provided.
  2. Both sides, agreeing on the dangers of continuing the war and the damage it will do to the country’s health, agreed that war was not the solution to the Afghan problem and that all efforts should be made to reach a political solution and peace.
  3. The talks took place in a cordial atmosphere and all issues were discussed in detail and explicitly.
  4. Both sides decided to discuss issues that need further consultation and clarity, such as establishing a mechanism for the transition from war to permanent peace, the agreed Islamic system and how to achieve it during the next meeting, which will be held as soon as possible. To reach a conclusion.
  5. The parties consider the Tehran meeting as a new opportunity and ground for strengthening the political solution to the Afghan problem.
  6. Both sides carry out attacks targeting people’s homes, schools, mosques and hospitals, causing civilian casualties, as well as strongly condemning the destruction of public facilities and calling for the perpetrators to be punished.

Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem said a trilateral meeting was held in Tehran between the Taliban, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. Borders and other related issues were discussed at the meeting.

The US State Department reacted cautiously to the presence of the Taliban delegation in Tehran on Wednesday, calling it constructive.

Ned Price, US State Department spokesman, on Wednesday, urged Afghanistan’s neighbors to play a constructive role in Afghan peace talks “in order for there to be a just and durable peace” in the country.

“What Iran is trying to do or is in the process of doing by hosting this meeting may well be constructive. I think the jury is still out. This is obviously not something we have discussed with the Iranians, other than by public–by making the point very publicly that Afghanistan’s neighbors need to be responsible stakeholders,” Price said.

“For too long, many of Afghanistan’s neighbors have been happy to see the United States engaged and the United States alone engaged. If there is to be a just and durable settlement and a comprehensive ceasefire, it needs to be supported, supported by Afghanistan’s neighbors. And we hope to see them act responsibly,” he said.