Taliban Attack on Ghazni City Pushed Back: Police

Taliban attacks on several security outposts in Ghazni city were pushed back on Sunday morning, the provincial police office said in a statement.

The Taliban attacked security outposts in PD3, PD6, PD1 and PD5 in the early hours of Sunday morning, the statement said, adding “the Taliban faced a response from the joint security forces, and their attacks were pushed back.”

In the statement, Fazel Ahmad, the provincial police chief, assured the people that the security sources will defend the city.

“The Taliban escaped from the areas after the arrival of the reinforcements. Several Taliban were killed and wounded in the clashes,” the statement said.

The statement did not provide details about possible security force casualties in the clashes.

In the meantime, Gen. Shir Mohammad Andewal, a military commander in Ghazni, pledged that the security forces will “bravely” defend the city.

The Taliban has not yet commented on the attacks.