ANDSF recaptures two fallen districts in past 24 hours

The Afghan Security and Defense Forces (ANSDF) have recaptured two districts in the last 24 hours, officials said Sunday.

Ajmal Omar Shinwari, a spokesman for the ANSDF, said that the Surkh Parsa district in northern Parwan and the Malistan district in central Ghazni province were retaken, bringing the total recaptured districts to 24.

Shinwari stated that the Afghan forces have planned to recapture the fallen districts and that the ANSDF has from being in a defensive mode into an offensive mode.

“We have recaptured as many as 24 districts and their centers during the last month,” he added.

Shinwari noted that the Malistan district was regained following heavy clashes between the Taliban and the Afghan forces and the Surkh Parsa was retaken without any skirmishes.

Meanwhile, the Afghan forces repulsed Taliban attacks over the Sabz village in Pashtun Kut district of Faryab province.

The Afghan military said at least 12 militants were killed and 22 others wounded in the skirmish.

Two members of the Afghan security forces were also killed in the clashes, the military confirmed.

The Taliban has not commented in this regard.