Ghani visits Herat, says the Taliban has lost the war against the people

President Ashraf Ghani led a high-ranking delegation on Monday to the western province of Herat to assess the security situation, said the Presidential Palace (ARG) in a series of tweets.

According to ARG, Ghani met Afghan National Defense and Security Forces’ (ANDSF) members, scholars, and tribal elders and held a security session in the province.

Ghani said that Taliban has lost the war against the people and that Islamic scholars from around the world have called their war illegitimate, said ARG.

“Taliban lost the war against people and world scholars called their war illegitimate,” ARG quoted Ghani.

Ghani also claimed that Taliban are destroying schools and mosques in the country.

“We built thousands of mosques, but the Taliban has martyred 43 mosques. We are building schools, they (Taliban) are burning schools,” said Ghani.

In the meeting Ghani voiced his appreciation for the ANDSF and the sacrifices they are making in their fight against the Taliban.