Afghans Who Worked for US Govt Face ‘Increasing Threats’

Interpreters and other Afghans who worked for the US government over the last 20 years said they are concerned about “increasing threats” against their lives as the American and coalition troops are leaving the country.

Some of them said that despite promises by Western countries, it is not known when they will be out of the country.

The United States, Canada and some other countries have vowed to evacuate Afghans who worked with them during the last 20 years.

Some of these Afghans who did not want to speak on the record said they and their family members are faced with serious threats.

One of them, Abdullah Wali, said one of his former colleagues was taken by anti-government armed men 40 days ago and there has been no news about him to date.

“What will our fate be? They made some pledges… but nothing has been done so far,” Wali said.

Another young man, who is a resident of Shakar Dara district in Kabul province, said he has left his home due to threats and is living in Kabul city.

“My family is in Shakar Dara district but I cannot go to the district. I live here and I have rented a room,” said Massoud, an Afghan who worked with US forces in Kabul.

Meanwhile, some Afghans who worked with the UK government gathered in Kabul and said they want to secure safety for themselves.

“We worked with them and now we are left on our own,” said Asadullah, a former employee of the UK embassy in Kabul.

“They vowed to take us with them. They took many of our colleagues, but left us with an unknown fate,” said Mohammad Haroon, a former employee of the UK embassy in Kabul.

So far, the US has provided special immigration visas to 73,000 Afghans and has vowed to expedite this process.