Afghanistan, Tajikistan sign import power extension agreement

Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) says that Tajikistan’s electricity import agreement for Afghanistan has been extended until the end of 2022.

DABS said on Monday that the agreement was signed after two-days of negotiations between Hafiz Mohammad Amin, CEO of DABS, and Ismailzada, CEO of Tajikistan Electric Power Company.

According to DABS, the talks also focused on a wide range of regional and development projects in the energy sector, such as CASA-1,000 and the construction of a new 2 kW Electric Power line.

The power company added that the discussions will lead to more developments in the near future.

DABS said that the delegation of the Islamic Emirate assured the Tajik side of joint cooperation and expressed readiness to provide security and other facilities for the resumption of stalled projects.

Afghanistan currently imports 70 percent of its electricity from Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Iran, and generates only 3 percent of its electricity from domestic sources. DABs receives 460 megawatts of electricity from Uzbekistan, of which 300 megawatts is earmarked for Kabul alone.

Due to problems with imported electricity, only domestic sources are currently used, with a total of 94 MW from Naghlu dam, 22 MW from Surobi dam, 40 MW from Mahipar dam and 50 MW from Tarakhel thermal Power Station.