Russia considers TAPI pipeline idea ‘politically attractive’

Moscow views the idea of Russia’s participation in the TAPI (Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India) gas pipeline project as “politically attractive,” special envoy of the Russian President Zamir Kabulov told TASS in an interview.

“Such perspective appears politically attractive. The matters of supporting security for this project earlier considered to be the most challenging have lost their acuteness at this stage,” the Russian diplomat said.

Kabulov also stated that Russian economic entities will nevertheless have the last word on participation in the gas pipeline project, TASS reported.

“Everything will depend on the commercial side of the issue, on profitability of their participation in implementation of this project,” the special envoy added.

Construction of TAPI kicked off in December 2015 in Turkmenistan. The pipeline will have the length of 1,814 km and the capacity of 30 bln cubic meters of natural gas per year.

Afghan and Turkmen officials have meanwhile held talks in Kabul on the implementation of the TAPI project and the removal of obstacles.

The Islamic Emirate has assured partnering nations that there are no obstacles from Afghanistan’s side in the way of proceeding with the gas pipeline.