4,000 irrelevant people expelled from security forces: Hakimi

Four thousands irrelevant people have been removed from security forces ranks, Daesh is not a future threat in Afghanistan and adequate number of female will be part of security forces in the future, a top government official said on Wednesday.

Mufti LutfullahHakimi, Chief auditor at the Ministry of Defence and head of the Taliban Security Forces Contingent Inspection, during an inclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News said individuals violating peoples’ privacy should not be considered members of the Islamic Emirate because these people were irrelevant and opportunists.

He said students learning military education outside the country should be confident that they were assets of the nation and would be enrolled in military in the future.

Referring to Afghan government dealing with the world he said: “The world should listen to us and we will listen to them.”

Hakimi said the cabinet following complaints from the masses decided about the creation of Inspection Commission on October 11/2021 and it came into existence on October 23/2021.

He said despite general amnesty, public harassment and other issues were not acceptable thus the leadership decided on the formation of this Commission. The formation of a transparent and disciplined military was another goal of this Commission, he maintained.

Mufti Hakimi said: “It is a huge responsibility, initially I was confused from where and how to start work with my deputies from intelligence and interior ministry. Then we approved a 23-point agenda which was later endorsed by the top leadership in 12 points and we started work accordingly.”

He said this commission has two deputies — one from intelligence and another from interior ministry. In provinces the commission has four members and the intelligence head of every province is head of the provincial Commissions.

He said the Commission has so far expelled 4,000 people with bad historical background from security forces. Most of the expelled individuals were those who joined security forces after the inception of new government.

“After the Islamic Emirate takeover if any security personnel committed a crime they are expelled and referred to judicial organs. But if someone had committed a crime before the takeover of Islamic Emirate, they are forgiven based on the general amnesty announcement,” he said.

Mufti Hakimi said: “We forgive Allah’s right but not individuals’ rights. If someone has any claim they could refer to the court.”

He said identification of irrelevant persons is done by contacting 196 or through intelligence report.

Referring to the power and authority of his Commission, he said: “Every individual appointed by Islamic Emirate in any institution, this Commission has the power and authority to investigate him.”

The Commission works in four phases —- first it chalks out plan and strategy, second it identifies irrelevant individual, third it investigates and forth it takes decision to expel or not.

He said this Commission will continue working until security forces were inspected and fully scrutinized. After an individual is expelled from security forces that person is chased in order to make sure he does not become headache for the government and masses.

When asked that after this filtration process, in the future irrelevant people will not be enrolled in the military, he said: “This work could not be fully guaranteed, but if something like this happens such individuals will be excluded in the future as well.”

While explaining opportunists and irrelevant individuals, he said: “According to the Commission strategy, they are individuals with bad past causing harm to the masses.”

He said: “The office of Amir-ul-Momineen issued a decree, the AmarBilMaroof Ministry was given direction and the Ministry of Defence issued orders that personal privacy should not be violated and if someone violated this order they are irrelevant and bad people and will be excluded from the military contingent.”

He said people should contact 196 and tell the Commission about irrelevant persons.

Mufti Hakimi said: “People should not consider those violating personal privacy of others as part of the Islamic Emirate, these people are irrelevant and opportunists.”

Referring to Daesh, he said: “Daesh has disintegrated and it never remained an organized group.”

Referring to the presence of Daesh among security forces, he said, no other armed group exists in Afghanistan and all of them had been eliminated.

He said: “Daesh could not be a threat, it has no place in the hearts and minds of people. If a group rises from within masses they reach their destination like we reached.”

When asked that people should feel comfortable that Daesh will never be a threat, he said: “When attacks are increasing, it is something to be worried about but attacks are on the decline. Our fight was against the occupation, people supported us and they should be confident in the future there will be no conflict.”

He said: “Currently 80,000 security personnel are present in the Defence Ministry contingents and formation of security institutions structure takes a long time, this could not be done in haste.”

Hakimi asked the youth to join security forces, adding the country has right on every person and people should take responsibilities to strength the state and institutions.

Referring to students studying in foreign countries, he said: “They are precious asset of the country, they have been sent for acquiring education and they should be confident that they will have place in the future government.”

When asked about the future of military personnel of the past regime, he said; “Those with clear past could return and join their occupation, even individuals who have disputes and could defend themselves could return to their jobs.”

He said the process of recruitment was open but priority was given to people who are victorious because they did Jihad and acquired victory.

He said professional military personnel of the previous government such as pilot and engineers are still working.

All institutions will get the services of females according to their needs and security forces will also have female personnel in future.

He asked the world to communicate with the government and the government will communicate with them. “The world should listen to us and we will listen to them,” he said.

He said their aspiration is to serve the people and asked the people to show patience and tolerance as the incumbent government is striving to provide better livelihood and living standards to the people.