Afghan politician calls on international community to recognize IEA

Jafar Mahdavi, head of Millat-e-Mutahid Party, has called on the international community to recognize the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) and release Afghanistan’s frozen assets.

Mahdawi, who was among the delegation of Afghan civil activists who visited Norway for a three-day summit last month, stressed that Afghans would suffer more hardships if the West fails to recognize the current government in the country.

Addressing a press conference, he stated: “The release of [Afghanistan’s] frozen assets by the US could make the situation better for the people and could resolve [economic] issues among the people.”

Mahdavi added that government will soon hire experts from all Afghan ethnicity “especially Hazaras.”

Mahdavi urged the IEA to create a special court to prosecute former corrupt officials in order to recoup stolen assets.

“The criminals should be prosecuted and a court should be formed so that stolen money would be returned. Security and welfare should be maintained for the people of Afghanistan,” Mahdavi stated.

A number of participants at the Norway summit believe that such meetings could provide an opportunity to raise concerns that Afghans have.

Laam Mohibi, one summit participant said: “We are very optimistic about this meeting, that our voices could reach the Islamic Emirate.”

Aarif Wafayee, another participant said: “Such meetings provide an opportunity for people to raise their voices.”

Welcoming the meeting, the IEA stated that such meetings could remove gaps between the people and the government.

Abdulhaq Hemad, a member of the IEA said: “We are committed to all the rights of our citizens,” and added that some concerns could be referred for reference when the authorities draw up the constitution, “which will be determined later.”