Dozens of Daesh militants surrender to IEA in Nangarhar: Officials

At least 50 Daesh (ISIS-K) militants have surrendered to Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) forces in the eastern province of Nangarhar, local officials said on Sunday.

According to the IEA, the militants surrendered following mediation efforts by tribal elders.

Dr. Bashir, head of Nangarhar Intelligence Directorate, said that based on an amnesty decree, Daesh militants surrendered to the IEA and that the process is “ongoing”.

“Fifty of them are Daesh, who came from eight districts and surrendered to Islamic Emirate,” said Bashir.

The militants have also expressed remorse and said they regret having joined the group.

“They (Daesh) are very cruel people. I regret what I did. I came here by myself, on my own will, and surrendered to the Islamic Emirate. We did not come here by force,” said Inamullah, one former Daesh militant.

“We are thankful to the Taliban (IEA), they are our compatriots, and forgive us. We regret our past activities. We will not repeat our [past] activities in future,” said Pasarly, another former Daesh fighter.

Nangarhar’s tribal elders have however warned the newly surrendered militants that they will face harsh consequences if they rejoin Daesh.

“We have brought them here; they vowed that they will not rejoin Daesh; and they regret their past actions,” said Ghulam Ali Malik, a tribal elder.

“The tribal elders said if the former militants rejoin Daesh, they will burn down their homes and will expel them from Afghanistan,” said Malik Zainuddin, another tribal elder.

This comes after over 500 Daesh members surrendered to the IEA in Nangarhar following the takeover of power in mid-August.