IEA urges Afghan professors in exile to return home

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Higher Education on Thursday appealed to all Afghan professors who have left to return home and help rebuild their country.

According to a statement issued by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), professors have been urged to return, and have been told they will be paid salaries.

“Afghanistan is the common home of all ethnic groups and we are responsible for their development.

“In the absence of prosperity, the country’s education system is incomplete; Accordingly, the Ministry of Higher Education invites all professors who have left the country [to return home],” read the statement.

The IEA said this was in line with their goal of developing the country.

“The Ministry of Higher Education undertakes to pay all the spiritual
and economic benefits of these professors,” read the statement.

“For this reason, the leadership board of the Ministry of Higher Education has announced the packages with the aim of hiring new academic staff; We ask the cadres who have left the homeland to return and continue their sacred profession and contribute to the scientific progress of the country.