IEA urges foreign countries to invest in Afghanistan, especially China

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) officials said on Sunday that investment opportunities have been provided for all foreign investors, especially for Chinese companies.

Balil Karimi, the deputy spokesman for the IEA, said the role China can play in Afghanistan is important.

“China is an important and strong country. China’s role in Afghanistan is very important. IEA needs all countries’ economic cooperation, especially China,” said Balil Karimi, deputy spokesman for the IEA.

Political analysts believe that while investment from China is important, the IEA still needs to be careful when issuing contracts to Chinese companies.

“Islamic Emirate should not be deceived by China’s behavior,” said Sayed Ishaq Gailani, a politician.

Analysts said that China can help Afghanistan regarding development and new technology. They said the IEA should engage with China on providing equipment and human resources but first assess China’s strategy when it comes to raw materials.

IEA “should engage with China regarding machinery and human resources, but regarding raw materials we should identify China’s strategy, and limit its cooperation,” said Taj Mohammad Talish, an economic analyst.

Afghans meanwhile welcome moves by China to invest in Afghanistan and said they hope this will create job opportunities.

“China is a power in the world, it is good for Afghanistan to get help from China,” said Ahmad, a Kabul resident.

“China is an industrial country, it can help Afghanistan,” said Mohammad Nasim, another resident of Kabul.

“If China helps Afghanistan, employment opportunities will be provided here,” said Khalid, another resident of Kabul.