Shaheen says no women will be appointed to cabinet

Suhail Shaheen, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s (IEA) designated envoy to the United Nations (UN), said in an interview with Ariana News on Friday night that there in no need to include women in the new cabinet and that the IEA’s current caretaker government is inclusive.

He did say however that it was important to ensure women’s rights.

“It is not necessary for any women to be in the cabinet of the caretaker government, and [the inclusion of] women in the cabinet won’t ensure all women’s rights,” said Shaheen.

This comes amid growing calls by the international community for the IEA to establish an inclusive government and for them to ensure women’s and girls’ rights in order to gain international recognition.

He said however that while the current government is inclusive, the international community wants to impose its political systems on Afghanistan.

“First they have political considerations and want to impose [their] political system on Afghanistan; Afghans don’t want this. Second, they want to include people in government that are loyal to them, and work for their interests; according to the West that is an inclusive government,” said Shaheen.

He also stated that UN agencies can continue working in Afghanistan in order to help Afghans.

The IEA’s decision to allow UN agencies to operate in Afghanistan comes after a number of countries said recently that while they are not willing to recognize the new government they are prepared to help Afghans through the UN.