IEA calls on the nation to voluntarily hand over weapons, govt assets

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) on Thursday called on the nation to voluntarily hand over weapons and government assets to security forces.

This comes amid the IEA’s operation in Kabul and other nearby provinces to clamp down on criminals, kidnappers and other lawbreakers.

In a statement on Thursday, the IEA said: “The Islamic Emirate urges all citizens who possess weapons, government vehicles and illegal items or have information about thieves and kidnappers to voluntarily hand over the weapons and state property to the forces, before search groups reach them,” read the IEA’s statement.

The Islamic Emirate claims that during the clearance operation hundreds of light and heavy weapons, dozens of government vehicles, ammunition and many other illegal items were seized.

“IEA forces also arrested a number of evil elements, who are wanted for kidnappings and other crimes,” read the statement.

According to the IEA if Afghans cooperate; the search operation will finish soon and there will be no need for house-to-house searches.

“The Islamic Emirate wants complete security in the country and no threat to anyone’s life, property, honor or rights,” the statement said.

Recently, the European Union Ambassador to Afghanistan reacted to the IEA’s house-to-house search operations and called the move a “crime”.