Inspired By Afghan Taliban, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Creates Administrative Structure, Names Pakistani Districts As Wilayats, Appoints Governors And Intelligence Chiefs

Inspired by the Afghan Taliban, the resurgent Pakistani jihadi organization Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (the Movement of Pakistani Taliban, TTP) has, for the first time, announced appointments in their organizational structure, virtually creating a parallel system of government. The TTP’s new moves include creating Wilayats (“provinces”) on the lines of the Islamic Emirate (Afghan Taliban) and appointing governors.

The appointment of the Taliban commanders comes at a time the TTP attacks, this time targeting only Pakistani security forces and not civilians, have become more frequent. In a statement posted on the group’s website February 22, TTP spokesman Muhammad Khurasani said that the TTP has been striving for the enforcement of shari’a in Pakistan for the last two decades and “is waging jihad against the cruel and anti-Islam [Pakistan] army thrust on the country.”

“The movement’s leaders introduced organizational reforms for the promotion of Pakistan jihad from time to time, and it yielded positive results. For further improvement, the leadership has made the below appointments after internal consultations and under the supervision of TTP Emir Mufti Noor Wali Mehsud,” the TTP spokesman said.

According to the statement:

Maulvi Shahid Omar Bajauri has been appointed governor of Wilayat-e-Dera Ismail Khan with Maulvi Mansoor as his deputy and Maulvi Ikhlas Yar Mehsud as his intelligence chief.

For Wilayat-e-Bannu, Gohar Wazir has been appointed governor with Ustad Ihasan Swati as his deputy and Ahmad Dawar as intelligence chief.

For Wilyat-e-Kohat, Omar Khurasani has been appointed as governor with Ijaz Afridi as his deputy and Mansoor as intelligence chief.

For Wilayat-e-Malakand, Maulvi Abu Omar Mehsud has been appointed governor, Maulvi Asad Diravi his first deputy, Dr. Burhan Bajauri his second deputy, and Suleman Swati his intelligence chief.

For Wilayat-e-Peshawar, Azmatullah Mehsud has been appointed governor, Sarbakaf Mohmandi his deputy governor, and Qari Kamran his intelligence chief.

For Wilayat-e-Mardan, Qari Gul Rehman has been appointed governor, Mohsin his deputy governor, and Ali Haidar his intelligence chief.

For Wilayat-e-Hazara, Qari Asadullah Kabulgrami has been appointed as governor, Numan Hazarvi his deputy, and Maulvi Ubaida his intelligence chief.

Similarly, Maulvi Noorullah Mehsud has been appointed head of the “Military Commission in the Northern Zone” with Ghazwan Ghazi as his deputy, Bilal Ghazi as administrative chief, and Saifullah Haqqani, Maulvi Malang Bacha, Talha Afridi, and Asad Afridi as its members.

Mufti Burjan Swati has been appointed as head of the commission of the “Military Commission in the Southern Zone,” with Maulana Inamullah Wazir as its deputy head, and Muneeb as administrative head. Abu Yaser Mehsud and Maulvi Zulfiqar are members of the commission.

The TTP statement said Wilayt-e-Bajaur has merged into Malakand, while Khyber and Dara Adamkhel has been merged into Peshawar.