Karzai says while the war has ended, unity has not yet been achieved

Former president Hamid Karzai has said that while the war has ended in Afghanistan, the country has not achieved peace and stability as it desired.

Speaking to Iran’s state broadcaster IRIB, Karzai said: “So far, we have not reached that peace and stability the Afghan people desire, which lies in national unity, the peace which is attained by national unitedness, where all Afghans see themselves involved in decision-making for their country.”

The former president urged the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) to facilitate the return of their political opponents who are living outside the country.

He also expressed hope that the IEA will consider people’s votes and hold a Loya Jirga to discuss the constitution in order to form a government that is acceptable to all Afghans.

Responding to Karzai’s call for a Loya Jirga earlier this year, the IEA said at the time that the current government was legitimate in the eyes of Afghans across the nation and that there was no need to hold such a gathering.

On the issue of border disputes between Afghanistan and Iran, Karzai said in his most recent interview, that it is the people, not governments, who can decide.

He also advised the IEA to share surplus water with Iran.