UN chief to convene high-level pledging event on Afghanistan

A high-level pledging event on Supporting the Humanitarian Response in Afghanistan 2022 will take place on Thursday the UN confirmed Tuesday.

The meeting will be convened by UN Secretary-General António Guterres, who will be joined by member state co-hosts including the governments of Qatar, the United Kingdom and Germany.

According to the UN, the meeting will be held at a ministerial level and will take place online through a virtual platform.

The objective of the meeting is to secure scaled-up resources to address the unprecedented level of humanitarian needs in Afghanistan this year and to highlight the capacity and commitment of humanitarian partners to implement lifesaving assistance across the country.

The UN stated that delegates will also address the issue of raising awareness of other challenges that are also critical to the survival of Afghanistan’s people, including basic needs, the functioning of its economy and availability of basic social services, while taking into account the political realities and situation on the ground.