IEA ready to negotiate with US on ‘external issues’

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) said on Wednesday it is ready to negotiate with the United States on issues of an external nature.

US suspended talks with IEA in March after it reversed a decision to allow girls to return to secondary school.

“IEA believed in negotiation and dialogue with all parties including the US since the very beginning. We are ready to negotiate on issues having external dimension with all parties,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for IEA.

“I am sure problems and concerns can be resolved through talks,” he said.

The official said that the international community continues to engage with the IEA to some extent, as he referred to the operation of the EU embassy in Kabul and the World Bank’s resumption of work on some projects in Afghanistan.

He stressed that humanitarian issues should be separate from political issues.

Experts believe that apart from the issue of girls’ education, IEA’s warm relations with China and Russia have also affected its ties with the West.

“It requires a strong diplomacy. I think the Taliban (IEA) must understand how to maintain relations with the East and the West. It is a very critical point, and if the Taliban (IEA) don’t understand, it will create problems in future,” said Mohammad Ishaq Atmar, a political expert.

IEA seized power in Afghanistan nearly nine months ago, but it has not been officially recognized by any country.

Formation of an inclusive government, ensuring the rights of women and minorities are among the major conditions of the international community for recognition of the IEA.