IEA says its forces will protect Afghanistan airports

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) forces will protect the country’s airports and that negotiations on bringing in the help of another country is based on technical issues only, its deputy spokesman said on Tuesday.

Qatar and Turkey have been in talks with the IEA in recent months to help run Afghan airports, but they have yet to reach an agreement.

Reports suggest that Qatar and Turkey want to deploy their military forces to guard the airports.

“Soldiers would provide airport security, but IEA has enough experience and forces to do this,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for IEA. “Discussions will be on technical issues.”

Last month, the BBC reported that they had obtained a video showing Qatari forces at Kabul airport.

Experts suggest it would be difficult for Qatar and Turkey to strike a deal with IEA to run the airports without having military presence there.

“Flights will resume if Qatari and Turkish forces are allowed to provide security for airports and it will also help those who wish to leave Afghanistan,” said Abdul Wali Frozan, a political expert.

Khalil Ahmad Nadim, a member of Afghanistan’s Third Way, a political group, said that the agreement would also help ensure that drugs will not be smuggled out of the country.

Earlier, the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation said that any agreement with countries on Afghan airports would be based on the national interests.