Haqqani urges world not to support armed opposition in Afghanistan

Acting Minister of Interior Sarajuddin Haqqani met with EU special envoy for Afghanistan on Wednesday in Kabul and urged the foreign community not to support any armed opposition group in the country.

Haqqani also said that the door to dialogue is open to all political opponents and that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) is committed under the Doha agreement not to use Afghan territory against any country.

“In a meeting with EU Special Representative Tomas Niklasson, the Acting Minister of Interior emphasized the Doha Agreement on the non-use of Afghan territory against any country and also called on the world not to assist any opposition militant in Afghanistan,” said Abdul Nafi Takwar, the ministry’s spokesman.

In a series of tweets after the meeting, Niklasson in turn said they did the passport issue. They did “talk about the need for Afghan passport booklets both in Kabul and in Afghan Embassies and Consulates abroad. I explained some of the challenges involved with a view to addressing them,” he said.

“In our conversation I raised my surprise and deep disappointment that secondary schools for girls had not opened after Nowruz. Mr Haqqani explicitly promised that this would be addressed within a few weeks,” he added.