India sends 2,000 tons of wheat to Afghanistan via Attari-Wagah border

Another consignment of 2,000 metric tons of wheat has been sent to Afghanistan by the government of India and is being transported overland through Pakistan through the Attari-Wagah border, Indian officials confirmed.

The Commissioner of Customs, Rahul Nangare despatched the consignment this week and said: “The Indian government has promised to provide 50,000 metric tons of wheat to Afghanistan, to which we have sent 10,000 metric tons of wheat already. From the remaining 40,000 metric tons today we are sending the first consignment of 2,000 metric tons of wheat.”

India said earlier this year it will send 50,000 metric tons of wheat as humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan overland through Pakistan.

The first consignment of humanitarian aid of 2,500 metric tons of wheat from India reached Afghanistan’s Jalalabad through Pakistan on February 26.

The second convoy of India’s humanitarian assistance carrying 2,000 metric tons of wheat left March 3 and the third and fourth consignment, also of 2,000 metric tons, on March 8 and 15.

The Government of Pakistan in November 2021 had approved, as a special gesture to the Afghan people, the transportation of the wheat and life-saving medicines as humanitarian assistance from India to Afghanistan via the Wagah border on an exceptional basis for humanitarian purposes.