‘Haqeeqi Azaadi’ Or The March Of Destruction In Islamabad

After its ouster from the government, PTI have been protesting nationwide and now has finally called for a ‘Haqeeqi Azaadi March” (Real Freedom March), while the government has officially announced that they will not allow this march to enter Islamabad. Pakistan as a nation has entered the state of quagmire where many threats are looming, and a civil unrest cannot be overruled. The political elites drowned in their lust of power have constructed a scenario that can be extremely detrimental for Pakistan. The enemies of Pakistan are laughing and trying best to exploit the current volatile situation prevailing in the country.

IK’s demagoguery has been successful to some extent to woe the people and now is all set to take advantage of the public sentiments. They have skillfully created this narrative of so-called foreign conspiracy to receive sympathetic support from the hardcore cult following. On the other hand, the coalition government has braced itself for a head-on collision with PTI. Both the sides are not willing to peacefully resolve the issue and public appears to be on the receiving end like always before whenever politicians take violent course to settle their score. The economy has faced a nosedive and it’s a matter of few months when Pakistan would be declared as bankrupt. Adding insult to injury this “Haqeeqi Azadi” March can prove to be the last nail in the coffin for Pakistan’s economy.

The “Haqeeqi Azadi” March would prove not less than to be a destruction march that would exacerbate the already prevalent critical issues. In the worst-case scenario, we may witness a civil unrest and anarchy as a outcome of anticipated violent clashes between LEAs and PTI supporters or between supporters of various political parties. The Sri Lankan model is very much applicable on Pakistan in the current circumstances. There could be possibility in worst come worst scenario without IMF bailout package that due to default type economic situation in the country there would be no salary to pay for government officials, the foreign reserves would crash, inflation would reach at its peak, and the working of every sector would collapse.

Such scenarios that may disrupt the national fabric must be avoided at any cost. A Sri Lanka kind of situation is not acceptable. Even a minute attempt to instigate violence may add fuel to fire. This march has the potential to be transformed into a bloody march if the opposing political forces come in direct confrontation with each other. The army is bound to abide by the constitution, what if army is called under article 245 of the constitution by the government? What if the Saudi and Chinese demand their deferred payments back from Pakistan’s foreign reserves considering the current situation? As a result of any negative scenario, only Pakistan as a country and the common people would suffer. The political elites would find their way out of this mess, but the common man would not be able to come out of its far-reaching disastrous consequences.