Fifteen civilians killed in Balkh and Kabul explosions

Fifteen people were killed and more than 30 were injured in Wednesday’s explosions in Kabul and Balkh – all of which were civilians.

The survivors of the victims of these blasts have meanwhile called on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) to arrest and punish the perpetrators of these incidents.

Security officials say specific circles involved in the explosions want to present an insecure image of Afghanistan, and security forces are working to identify and eliminate these groups.

Among the victims in the Mazar-e-Sharif explosions were women, officials confirmed.

The injured are being treated at a district hospital in Balkh province, and many of the injured have lost body parts, officials stated.

“This is my sister who lost her leg in the explosion and also a 17-year-old sister and a relative of mine were martyred. These were school students who were studying in the school, but we are surprised. For what crime were they martyred? We call on the government and the international community to stop the bloodshed,” said Ghulam Ali, one victim’s brother.

The Balkh explosion killed nine people and injured 15 others.

“I lost someone who was my brother. He worked with a cart. Four sons and three daughters are left behind from him,” said Mohammad Juma, a deceased’s relative.

“We call on the Islamic State of Afghanistan to prevent such incidents. How long will people die of suffering, hunger and explosions? They were not guilty, they were just trying to bring a piece of bread to their families,” said Mohammad Yusuf, another relative of a victim.

Meanwhile, in Kabul, an explosion on Wednesday took place at the Zakaria Mosque in PD4. Eight worshipers were killed and about twenty others were injured.

Reacting to the attacks, security agencies say they are seeking to identify and destroy those who want to paint an insecure picture of Afghanistan.

Wednesday’s attacks have been condemned both inside and outside.