Imran Khan’s Political Choices: A Dent To Democracy In Pakistan

Imran Khan’s term as prime minister of Pakistan ended in the events of political and constitutional crisis and Imran Khan became the first Pakistani prime minister to lose office through a parliamentary no-confidence vote. Imran Khan blamed opposition alliance and establishment of the Pakistan behind ouster of his government. Imran Khan in his narrative tried to drag institutions of Pakistan in pursuing his political agenda.

DG ISPR repeatedly denied involvement of army in politics yet army was targeted and a smear campaign against the powerful institutions of the country happened in result of political stance by Imran Khan. Prominent PTI leaders also joined Imran Khan in this scenario. Tweet from son of the President Awab Alvi against the military in which he has pointed out blatantly that PTI and its leadership will continue its propaganda regarding narrative of imported government and military’s involvement in the political decisions.

We have also seen tweets from the senior PTI leader Shireen Mazari with reference to the US conspiracy which has been repeatedly denied by the US and the armed institutions of the country. Shireen Mazari who remained at a responsible position in previous government said the same thing in her tweet by quoting official twitter handle of DG ISPR.

Pakistan armed forces are fighting terrorism for years, they are being martyred for this country and should not be involved in the politics. Pakistan has been facing anarchy and violence from terrorists and the only thing that secured Pakistan from this is the armed forces of Pakistan. Imran Khan during its political blame gaming is also busy in attacking other institutions i.e. judiciary, Election Commission just because he think that he was not saved from the vote of no confidence.

One can say that freedom of opinion always comes with a boundary and responsibility, this is something which is commonly understood. Freedom of expression seems a cover by all the bad actors, trolls and hate mongers in presenting their illogical ideas without any rationality.

Democratic countries runs on the engagement between opposition and the government and leader of the house i.e. PM is responsible for this consensus. Imran Khan while remaining in power rather than engaging opposition for resolution of national issues went for political vendetta against his political opponents. Institutions like NAB, FIA and Asset Recovery Unit (ARU) were given unchecked powers for the recovery of looted money which Imran Khan claimed to bring back.

During this process of accountability almost top opposition leadership was put behind the bars but nothing was recovered. This unchecked accountability resulted in political instability and then deprivation of the investment and economic activities in the country. Imran Khan contrary to his claims failed to curb the corruption and in running a smooth governance that is why Pakistan slipped further in the corruption index.

Pakistan is a country that has faced repeated martial laws in its history. PPP and PML-N signed charter of democracy and after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto two consecutive democratic governments completed their tenure. PTI during the event of no confidence motion and after that has constantly been dragging institutions in the politics. Smear campaign against the institutions not only demoralizes the morale of the military but also generates negative image of the country at global level.

Imran Khan claims his visit to Russia and previous foreign policy choices especially in dealing with the US and EU a reason behind his ouster from the office. Imran Khan repeatedly chants about the cipher sent from Washington about possible implications for Pakistan however, National Security Committee categorically denied any conspiracy against Pakistan. Several Pakistani diplomats express concern that the political use of a diplomatic cable will make it harder for them to discuss sensitive issues with foreign counterparts.

It is evident that Imran Khan intends to take his fight with the new government to the streets and for the first time upcoming general elections in Pakistan will be contested on foreign policy. Pakistan has just witnessed two consecutive democratic governments, the process of democratizations should be followed in quest for a true democratic culture in Pakistan in which logic prevails than carrying blame game for personal interests.