IEA rejects rumors of assassination attempt on defense minister as ‘baseless’

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has denied reports that an assassination attempt was made on the life of acting minister of defense, Mawlawi Mohammad Yaquob Mujahid, during his visit to Nangarhar.

In an interview with Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), deputy IEA spokesman Inamaullah Samangani said the reports were simply a baseless rumour.

Reports emerged Saturday that an attempt had been made on Mujahid’s life. The reports emerged after a video went viral on social media.

In the video, the deputy minister is seen addressing a gathering of people when a scuffle breaks out. The acting’s minister’s bodyguards quickly surround him and lead him to safety.

Some media reports have said the incident happened on Saturday while others say Friday.

On Saturday, the ministry said however that Mujahid had been in Nangarhar on Friday and that he had visited military posts along the Durand Line – the border with Pakistan.