US special envoy wraps up ‘productive’ two-day visit to Uzbekistan

US Special Representative for Afghanistan said his two-day visit to Tashkent had been productive and that he appreciated Uzbekistan’s vision for the region.

In a series of tweets late Saturday, West said the US partnership with Uzbekistan will continue and grow. “Had a productive two days in Tashkent,” he said.

He also said he appreciates Uzbekistan’s “vision for the region: an interconnected and economically energized corridor for energy and goods.”

West stated that Uzbekistan is playing a central role in support of Afghan people.

“Important humanitarian hub in Termez; Tashkent continues to provide Afghanistan with electricity, and Uzbek leadership engaging Taliban (IEA) on shared priorities: terrorism, human rights, stability,” he said.

On the other hand, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) considers cooperation between countries in the region to be key and has called for the expansion of diplomatic relations with these countries.

While Uzbekistan has not yet officially recognized Afghanistan’s new government, it has good relations with the Islamic Emirate, and much of the world’s humanitarian aid is being diverted to Afghanistan through the port of Termiz.