Deputy foreign minister says anti-IEA elements spreading false propaganda

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s (IEA) Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, said despite problems and obstacles created by opponents of the Islamic Emirate, the IEA must also fight false propaganda being spread by these anti-IEA elements.

Speaking at a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday, Stanikzai said opposition groups are trying to drive a wedge between the people and government by spreading false information.

“This is a critical stage for the Islamic Emirate. We have economic problems, political problems, and social problems. Also, we have problems inside and outside,” he said.

Stanikzai said that the continuation of a positive campaign will help strengthen government.

“We have negotiated with the United States several times, they have told us that the IEA has a high level of campaigning. When (acting minister) Muttaqi was at the head of the cultural institution of the Islamic Emirate, he had an Al-Amara network and a magazine, which was competing against more than 70 state media outlets and was fighting through their propaganda,” added Stanikzai.

Before the fall of the former government, along with the military clashes between the former security soldiers and the IEA forces, there was also a propaganda war between the two opposing fronts, he said.