Afghanistan exports cotton for first time to Turkey and Iran

The Kandahar Chamber of Commerce and Industry said Monday that 2,000 tonnes of Afghan cotton was recently exported from the province to Turkey and Iran.

The chamber says that in the past, Afghan cotton was exported only to Pakistan, but now new markets have opened up, which has provided employment opportunities for some people.

Afghan cotton is considered to be of very good quality and now, for the first time, cotton grown in Helmand and Kandahar is being exported to Turkey and Iran.

Kandahar chamber officials said this week they have exported 2,000 tonnes of cotton to Iran and Turkey in the past 10 day and that this could increase to 100,000 tonnes a year.

Cotton traders in Kandahar welcome the opening of the new markets and said this will improve the financial situation of farmers and provide jobs for many people.

Cotton exports have risen as traders say factories are still short of electricity. Cotton traders in Kandahar and Helmand provinces have urged the Islamic Emirate to resolve the issue as soon as possible.