Economic and illiteracy challenges will be resolved, says Anas Haqqani

Senior Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) leader Anas Haqqani said once the country’s economic challenges have been resolved, the authorities will look at stamping out the problem of illiteracy.

He said illiterate nations face poverty and other challenges.

Addressing a meeting to assess the challenges in the country, Haqqani said: “Afghanistan’s current problems are the result of a 20-year war, and the government (IEA) will provide great educational and employment opportunities for the people, and we are working as servants.”

Ministry of Education and Higher Education officials, meanwhile, have emphasized that all sections of society must have equal access to education, adding the IEA is committed to this.

In the meantime, the Deputy Minister of Economy, Abdul Latif Nazari, said the ministry has development and strategic plans in place for industry, trade and agriculture.

This meeting, of senior IEA members, comes amid ongoing calls for girls’ schools to be reopened.