Ariana Afghan Airlines plans to buy four more planes

Ariana Afghan Airlines says its revenue has increased in the past few months and that it is now looking to buy four more planes.

The company’s officials said that procurement of one new plane is almost complete.

“It was agreed that we would provide them with a bank guarantee and they would bring the aircraft to Sharjah,” Rahmatullah Agha, head of Ariana Afghan Airlines, said about the new 110-seat passenger plane on order.

He said that the bid to purchase three more planes – two for passengers and one for cargo – would be announced within a week.

According to him, all four planes would cost around $40 million.

The country’s economic experts also consider the growth of Ariana Afghan Airlines to be important in the development of Afghanistan’s national economy.

“We could benefit both economically and politically if we expand our relations with the world. Moreover, it is also crucial in terms of exports for a landlocked country like Afghanistan,” said Sayed-ur-Rahman Imran, an economic analyst.

Currently, due to the lack of technical management of airports in the country, flights are still limited.

According to experts, international flights will however increase once the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) finalizes agreements for foreign countries to help run the technical side of the air traffic control.