Canada welcomes 15,000th Afghan refugee

Canada has marked an important milestone by welcoming its 15,000th Afghan refugee since August 2021.

So far, Canada has welcomed 15,475 vulnerable Afghans. The latest refugees arrived in Toronto, Ontario, on a charter flight with about 300 Afghans on board.

A government statement said the fresh arrivals reflected Canada’s commitment to provide protection to displaced and persecuted individuals, including Afghan refugees.

The government of Canada said it continued to collaborate with global partners to facilitate safe passage for those in Afghanistan.

Under the Special Immigration Measures Programme, Canada has welcomed 6,985 Afghans and their families who assisted the Canadian government during and after its military mission.

In line with its humanitarian programme, Canada has prioritised resettling the Afghan who do not have a durable solution in a third country.

It includes women leaders, human rights defenders, persecuted religious or ethnic minorities, journalists and people who helped Canadian journalists.

Canada has welcomed 8,490 Afghans under this initiative, including 170 human rights defenders and over 50 Afghan women judges, lawyers, members of parliament and their families.