Central Bank discusses monetary policies with university lecturers

Officials at the country’s central bank – Da Afghanistan Bank – said Wednesday they have embarked on a series of discussions with professors and lecturers from financial faculties of universities to find solutions to increase the value of the Afghan currency.

The Monetary Policy discussions are being held between central bank officials and university staff across the country in a bid to find ways to preserve and strengthen the value of the Afghan currency, officials said.

“The purpose of these meetings is to see how we can get the professors’ views on the monetary policy so that we do not face any problems in this area in the future,” said Idrees, the acting governor of Da Afghanistan Bank.

Economists have welcomed the move and say advice from the academics could help stabilize the currency.

According to these experts, in order to stabilize the Afghan currency, domestic production must also be increased.

“The Afghan currency is in a good position against the currencies of neighboring countries, and it is a good thing that the Da Afghanistan Bank officials are meeting with economists about the monetary policy,” said Kamaluddin Kakar, an economist.

“We welcome the step by the Da Afghanistan Bank and such meetings should be held with such professionals on such important issues so that we do not face any problems in the future,” Hakimullah Siddiqi, another economist said.

The private sector also urges officials of Da Afghanistan Bank to increase the level of engagement with experts.