IEA’s mujahideen to be integrated into mainstream security forces

Deputy Interior Minister for Security, Mullah Abdulhaq Akhundzada, who is currently in the north of the country to assess the security situation, said Thursday that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s (IEA) forces will be incorporated into the country’s three branches of security – the police, military and intelligence.

Akhundzad said the forces will be included in the country’s security forces so as to save them from uncertainty.

“We have three branches – Ministry of Defense, Interior and Intelligence, and we are trying to move all the mujahideen forces into departments of these ministries to secure their fate. Our goal is to improve the structure of the security forces and we are trying to improve the security situation in the capital and the cities,” Akhundzad added.

During Akhundzad’s visit, the Balkh governor, Qodratullah Abu Hamza, said they are increasing the number of security forces in the province in order to improve the situation.

Balkh has witnessed a number of security incidents in the past few weeks, including explosions.

Hamza said: “We are trying to improve the security situation in the [provincial] capital and districts and we assure the people of Balkh province that our security and intelligence forces will work day and night to improve the situation.”