Protecting system is now 2nd phase of Jihad, says Haqqani

Anas Haqqani, a prominent member of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), said Friday that while the protection of the current system was Jihad, the Islamic Emirate had not made sacrifices over the years to attain a position of power, but rather to be in a position to protect the beliefs and rights of the people.

Haqqani also said that the IEA is now in its “second phase of Jihad” and that they need to “protect the system”.

Speaking to residents of Ghorband, during a visit to Parwan province, Haqqani emphasized that sacrifices made by the IEA were made to protect the beliefs, honor, religion, country and rights of the people, and not to attain a position of power.

The Islamic Emirate must pay attention to and address the needs of the Mujahideen so that they do not think the Islamic Emirate has forgotten them, he said adding “because our joint goal is to protect and practice Sharia.”

Haqqani said: “The goal of all the leaders of the Islamic Emirate is to serve and protect the rights of Afghans in accordance with Sharia.”

During his visit, Haqqani stressed the importance of protecting the system as a Jihad against infidels.

He also said current officials do not consider themselves superior to the people.

“Now that the Islamic Emirate has succeeded, we must not forget our duty as a citizen. We must not forget and we must all roll up our sleeves for the development of the country and not forget the sacrifices of Jihad.”