IEA’s FM meets with Uzbek delegation to strengthen economic ties

Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi, the acting minister of foreign affairs, met with Abdul Aziz Kamilov, Uzbekistan’s National Security Adviser, and special representative of the President of Uzbekistan for Afghanistan, Esmatullah Ergashev on Sunday in Kabul.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s (IEA) foreign ministry said in a statement that the two sides focused on strengthening economic and transit relations.

Kamilov said security in his country was dependent on peace and stability in Afghanistan and that the Uzbek government was ready to work to strengthen political, economic and transit relations with the IEA.

Kamilov also briefed the IEA delegation on the upcoming economic conference scheduled to take place in Uzbekistan. High-ranking officials from countries in the region are expected to attend. Muttaqi has also been invited.

Muttaqi meanwhile welcomed Uzbekistan’s willingness to cooperate with Afghanistan and said there is currently a good “political atmosphere” between the two countries.

He also confirmed that he would attend the Uzbekistan Economic Conference and that he will hold talks with Uzbek and participating officials on strengthening trade and transit relations.

Uzbekistan has maintained political and economic relations with Afghanistan since the fall of the previous government and the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, and has said that interaction with the Islamic Emirate is in the interests of all countries in the region.