Supporting government promotes stability: Sa’adat

Supporting the government promotes stability and Afghanistan should not experience another collapse, Abdul Satar Sa’adat, a former presidential adviser said this week.

In an exclusive interview with Ariana News, Sa’adat said that every collapse of government in Afghanistan has caused a new crisis in the country.

According to Sa’adati who had acted as an adviser to former president Ashraf Ghani, monopoly of power and US occupation of Afghanistan were the main reasons why the Republic collapsed.

He said that the Ghani-led government was not established well and foreigners were to blame for the same.

“There have been instances of external factors toppling the governments. There have also been internal factors. Foreign invasions have toppled the governments and those formed after the invasion also collapsed, “ Sa’adat said.

On the issue of closure of girls’ schools, Sa’adat said that it was likely that wrong information was being delivered to the supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA).

“There may be misinformation. It would be better if Sheikh Sahib (Hebatullah Akhundzada) come to Kabul and himself see everything,” Sa’adat said.

On armed opposition against IEA, Sa’adat said that Afghans are tired of war and they don’t support fighting.

“I don’t support fighting. No Afghan should be treated as an outsider. No one should be allowed to fight. No one should be interested in fighting. I think Afghans do not welcome fighting,” Sa’adat said.

He said that although the current government is not internationally recognized as official government of Afghanistan, but it is has earned moral, religious and public legitimacy.