Daesh threat in Afghanistan is ‘propaganda’: Mujahid

The Islamic Emirate’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid says the activities of the Daesh group in Afghanistan have been curbed and the group is being destroyed.

In an interview with state-run TV RTA, Mujahid emphasized that some countries are trying to magnify and abuse the negative propaganda of Daesh threats in Afghanistan.

He did not name a specific country, but added that the enlargement of Daesh is not in the interest of these countries.

“Some countries that accuse them [Daesh] of their activities or say Daesh has become more active and is a threat to the world after six months, this is nothing but propaganda that we reject,” said Mujahid.

“Even though the same countries themselves want to work to magnify the sinister phenomenon and sedition [Daesh], they want to pretend that Daesh is a big phenomenon and a big danger and exploit their existence again,” he added.

“Either against the people of Afghanistan or against the regime.”

Mujahid meanwhile said that the interactions between the IEA and the countries are on an official level, but he emphasized that the influence of the powerful countries of the world has caused other countries not to recognize the Islamic Emirate in a practical way.

“All the countries of the world have their own political etiquettes, and they also have their own etiquettes due to the fact that they have relations. The powerful countries of the world naturally influence all countries, especially the third world countries,” he said.

“These political etiquettes maybe the factor that the Islamic countries have not yet recognized the Islamic Emirate, either in practice or in declaration.”

Some political experts believe that countries are influenced by the decision of the US in terms of recognizing the Islamic Emirate, and this has caused no country, including the Islamic countries, to recognize the Islamic Emirate.