Daesh leader killed in IEA operation in Kabul

Reports have emerged of operations by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s intelligence forces in Bagrami and Shakardara districts of Kabul against Daesh hideouts.

The Express Tribune, a Pakistani media outlet, claimed that Daesh’s second in command was killed in a clash with IEA forces in Shakardara district of Kabul province.

Express Tribune reported on Monday night that the Daesh leader killed has been identified as Engineer Omar.

According to this report, Omar first worked as the leader of the central section of the Daesh group, and was later appointed as deputy to Sanaullah Ghafari, the leader of Daesh in Afghanistan.

Reports meanwhile emerged on Monday night of heavy clashes in the Shekardara district of Kabul. Sources said they heard light and heavy weapons being fired off.

Almirsaad website meanwhile also reported the gunfight and said the IEA’s intelligence unit had carried out an operation against two Daesh hideouts in the district.

The IEA has not yet commented.