Efforts ongoing for Afghans to run aviation services: officials

The Ministry of Transport said on Wednesday that efforts are ongoing for Afghans to manage airport services around the country.

The ministry’s spokesman said that work on the purchase and installation of standard machines in the country’s airports is ongoing, and with the installation of the machines, services will be provided by Afghans themselves in a few months.

“In a few months, Afghan aviation services will be provided by the Afghans themselves. Previously, services were provided by Americans. We needed equipment. According to the contract, the equipment will be brought in and installed. The problems in this sector will be solved and it is expected that more foreign airlines will carry out flights to Afghanistan,” Imamuddin Ahmadi said.

According to Ahmadi, with the establishment of the first air cargo company in the country, they want domestic products to be transferred to global markets by domestic airlines.

“From now on, our fresh and dried fruit will reach countries on time,” Ahmadi said.

Some investors also said that more efforts should be made in the development of air freight because the fresh fruit of Afghanistan must be transferred to the global markets on time in order to prevent it from being perished.

“Since fuel materials are decreasing day by day and prices are increasing, my suggestion to the Islamic Emirate is that we should build infrastructure right now. Let’s build our agricultural products processing hubs in all airports. Let’s build cold storages and prepare the logistics system,” Sherbaz Kaminzada, the head of the Chamber of Industries and Mines, said.