Pakistan appoints Asif Khan Durrani as special envoy for Afghanistan

Pakistan’s prime minister has appointed veteran diplomat Asif Khan Durrani as the special envoy for Afghanistan, Islamabad’s foreign ministry said Tuesday in a statement.

Durrani, is a highly experienced diplomat who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role. Having served in various key positions within the diplomatic corps, including as Pakistan’s ambassador to several countries, Durrani is well-versed in regional dynamics and possesses a deep understanding of the complex challenges faced by Afghanistan, the ministry said.

In his last official mission, Durrani served as Pakistan’s ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran before retiring.

He has also worked as ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, the deputy of the Pakistani embassy in Tehran and the deputy of the Pakistani embassy in Afghanistan during his 30 years of work experience in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.

Durrani replaces Mohammad Sadiq, the former special representative of Pakistan for Afghanistan, who resigned affairs, resigned at the beginning of March after three years in the position.