Both world and IEA need to have positive engagement with each other: acting PM

The Islamic Emirate’s acting prime minister Mawlavi Abdul Kabir said on Thursday at an event that Afghanistan has progressed in terms of politics and economy.

The event was held at Sapedar Palace in Kabul where some IEA officials, political figures, academic staff and ethnic elders participated.

Kabir said that Islamic Emirate wants positive ties with the world and Afghanistan and the world need to engage with each other.

“Afghanistan is moving in a positive direction in the economic sector and politically there are diplomatic relations with sixteen countries,” said Kabir.

“Other countries have also understood the facts and are trying to interact positively with us.”

“If we need to have political relations with the world, the world also needs us,” he added.

He also emphasized that the current government is inclusive and there is no prejudice in it, and the Islamic Emirate accepts criticism with an open chest.

According to him, if the appointment of a few corrupt people means inclusive governance, this is not acceptable for the caretaker government.

“If inclusiveness means that some corrupt elements come to participate in the government, this is not acceptable for the people or for us, with such people, the government will not be inclusive and it will lead to corruption,” Kabir stressed.

At the event, the search for solutions to problems in the country was emphasized.

The Vice and Virtue minister has also said that the provision of Sharia rights and people’s satisfaction will lead the system to absolute success.

“That system will be successful if the people are happy with the ruler of the time and the time ruler fulfills the Sharia requests of its nations,”

Information and Culture Minister, Mullah Khairullah Khairkhah, also said that progress can be achieved by using patience.

“In this country, every problem we have can be solved,” said Khairkhah.

Minister of Mines and Petroleum Shahabuddin Delawar also said that more than 2,500 employees work in this ministry and so far, no employee has been dismissed from duty who worked for the former government.

A number of experts meanwhile emphasize opening the doors of schools and universities to girls, as well as making young people participate in the government body.

“Working in Islam is the best principle, it is worship. Education is the foundation of society,” said Abdul Shakur Dadres, a political analyst.

The officials of the Islamic Emirate also said the current security that is ensured in Afghanistan does not exist in the region.

According to them, the brotherhood has emerged among people because, in the past, the strategy of all groups was to create division and prejudice.