Haqqani calls on Faryab residents to be united in supporting IEA system

Sirajuddin Haqqani, the Minister of Interior Affairs, said during a gathering with local authorities, scholars, tribal leaders and residents of Faryab that unity among the people in supporting the Islamic Emirate system was needed.

“The sacrifice of the people and Mujahideen of Faryab is big, may Allah accept it. The only reason that no matter how many problems the united people get involved in, but from the blessing of their unity, Allah gives them strength,” said Haqqani.

At the gathering, Haqqani also emphasized that there is no place for prejudice in the Islamic Emirate system and the acting government will work without discrimination for the growth and development of the people and the country.

“The major needs and problems that exist in Faryab in the reconstruction and development sector, put them together and present them to us so that we can share with Amir-ul Momineen and we try to prioritize these tasks,” Haqqani added.

Mohammad Shoaib Resalat, the governor of Faryab, also said at the gathering that there is no security gap in this province and the local government is trying to deal with the people’s problems.

Earlier, Haqqani had visited Balkh and Jawzjan provinces and met with local officials and a number of residents of these provinces and emphasized th indeed to maintain and consolidate national unity and support for the Islamic Emirate system.