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The India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC): A Game-Changer for India – OpEd

India’s G-20 summit, held in New Delhi, has been a truly historic and successful summit among all previous G-20 summits. One of the concrete plans out of this G-20 summit is the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), which would be the biggest economic corridor that connects two continents, i.e., Asia and Europe. The governments of India, the United States, Saudi […]

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There Might Be A Pattern To The Latest Incidents On Pakistan’s Afghan & Indian Borders

The latest incidents might have been artificially manufactured by Pakistan’s military establishment for the purpose of restoring their country’s relevance to the US and China in order to squeeze some financial aid from them. A supplementary ulterior motive could also be to gin up jingoism at home to distract from the de facto state of martial law and collapsing economy, […]

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A Daft Policy: The US Economic Strangulation of China

The broad lament from commentators about global economic growth is that China is not pulling its weight. Not enough is being done to stir the sinews and warm the blood, at least when it comes to the GDP counters. And many such pundits hail from countries, most prominently the United States, which have done everything they can to clip the […]

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