Iran seeks to make Afghanistan a strategic partner: Qomi

Iran’s ambassador and special representative for Afghanistan, Hasan Kazemi Qomi, has said that Tehran is seeking to make Afghanistan a strategic partner.

Speaking at an event on water diplomacy between Iran and Afghanistan, Qomi said that Iran is seeking to step up its engagement with Afghanistan.

He emphasized that creating gap between Iran and the current government in Afghanistan is the plot of the Americans.

He said that tying the economic interests of the two countries to each other and connecting the infrastructures will be the best thing to do for coordination of the interests of the two countries. According to him, the more the economic situation in Afghanistan worsens, the more Afghans will migrate to Iran.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Mehr News Agency has said in a report that Tehran has maintained its political and more importantly economic relations with Kabul and the value of Iran’s exports to Afghanistan in the first seven months of 1402 reached $975 million.

Although the relations between Iran and Afghanistan have been strained recently over some issues such as water rights, the Islamic Emirate has always emphasized that it wants good relations with all countries, especially neighboring countries.