Ghani calls for talks to be based on Holy Quran and Sharia Law

President Ghani said Thursday that peace negotiations, currently underway in Doha, should be based on the Holy Quran and Islamic law (Islamic Sharia).

Addressing a ceremony at the Ministry of Defense, on the occasion of the Prophet Mohammad’s birthday, celebrated by Muslims across the world, Ghani slammed the Taliban stating that the group has fought for 40 years in the name of religion, but now, instead of the rules of Islamic law, the Taliban insist on the US-Taliban deal as the foundation of the talks.

The US-Taliban deal was signed in Doha in February – an agreement that paved the way for peace talks between the Afghan government representatives and the Taliban.

Talks started on September 12 but have been mired in disputes between the two teams with the main hurdle being that of jurisprudence on which to base negotiations going forward.

Raising the issue Thursday, Ghani also stated that “Afghanistan Defense and Security Forces are guardians of the Afghanistan Constitution,” which is one of the most Islamic-centered constitution’s in the world.

“As an Islamic country, governed by an Islamic government, we are honored that the construction process of over one thousand mosques across the country is being completed,” he noted.

Ghani pointed out that what can be done through peace, cannot be done through war, calling the ongoing bloodshed in the country “illegitimate”.

He also pointed out the unity between Hanafi and Ja’fari jurisprudences in the country and said Islamic civilization was second to none, but others were plunged in darkness, underlining that there is no link between the holy religion of Islam and terrorism.