US Provides Military Vehicles, Aircrafts and equipment to ANA

Afghanistan Ministry of Defense (MOD) said on Thursday that US has provided as assistance hundreds of Humvees vehicles, Helicopters and aircrafts to the Afghan National Army (ANA).

According to the MoD’s statement the US has provided 1,383 Humvees and 55 Mobile Strike Force vehicles, 10 helicopters, and 4 A-29 aircraft, to the Afghan national defense and security forces (ANDSF) this year, also delivered hundreds of night vision goggles, uniforms, and equipment.

Shah Mahmoud Miakhel, deputy defense minister, and Lt. Gen. John Deedrick, US commander in Afghanistan at a joint conference said that US and NATO will continue supporting ANDSF as they reduce forces in Afghanistan.
Maikhel praised the US for the assistances, adding that “These tools and equipment will be used to ensure the security of the people.”

“Preservation of the Afghan Security Forces is of vital importance to Afghanistan’s long-term stability and security”, said Lt. Gen. Deedrick.

Afghan officials said that US has delivered $574 million of equipment to Afghan government and ANDSF in the past year and will transfer another $102 million of equipment in the near future.