Questions Remain about Saturday’s Explosion in Kabul

Officials from state-owned Central Bank on Sunday said less information is available on Saturday’s attack in the Makrorayan-e-Char area in Kabul that killed three people including Yama Siawash, former TOLOnews presenter and a media adviser at the bank.

The officials said the car was parked at the bank before it was taken by the driver to pick his colleagues on Saturday morning.

“The CCTV cameras are under investigation by security forces. They will inform us and the media if there is get any information. The vehicle that was attacked was not out on Friday. It was taken out on Saturday to pick the employees (of the bank),” said Esmat Kohsar, head of media office of the Central Bank.

According to officials, the car went to the Yaka Toot area in Kabul’s PD9 to first pick Ahmadullah Anas, an employee of the bank who was also killed in the attack.

Anas’s brother, Hasibullah, said his brother left home at 7am on Saturday and walked four minutes to reach the vehicle.

“The driver used to call at 7am and engineer (his brother) got in the car from here. The government should find out how the bomb was placed in the car. The car was coming from the bank. It might have been placed in the bank. We don’t have enmity with anyone. We are simple people,” said Hasibullah.

As officials explained, after picking Ahmadullah Anas, the driver went to Makrorayan roundabout and then to Makrorayan-e-Char area – south of Yaka Toot area from where he picked his first passenger. Then, the second person, Yama Siawash, got into the car and the bomb exploded shortly after they moved.
So far, it is not clear whether the bomb was placed on the car or it was placed on a roadside in the area.

Anas’s family said he did his higher education while facing many hardships.

“He had a big role in helping my five children in their education. My heart has broken,” said Pashtun, Anas’s mother.

Anas was 36 years old. He was also teaching at some schools. He did his bachelor’s degree in engineering and was about to complete his master’s degree next month.

“He was working at a Swedish institution for four years… He was also teaching the Holy Quran to children. He knew the Quran’s interpretation,” said Mahboobullah, Anas’s brother.

Anas was the deputy CEO of the office of the Central Bank governor.