8 ANA soldiers killed in Taliban attack in Kunduz

At least eight Afghan National Army soldiers were killed and three others captured by Taliban in Kunduz province on Monday night, Mohammad Yousof Ayoubi, provincial council head said.

According to Ayoubi, Taliban attacked an army check-post in Tap-e-Akhtar area and Mullah Ghulam, center of Khan Abad district, on Monday night and started clashing with forces.

Ayoubi said that at least eight soldiers were killed and three other soldiers were captured by the Taliban.

The Taliban also reportedly stole all military equipment from the check-post.

Meanwhile, Ayoubi said that in a separate incident in the same area at least five civilians were killed and three others were wounded in an airstrike.

Ayoubi said that the strike occurred when Taliban insurgents were using civilian houses as shields when they were targeted.

Ayoubi said the Taliban also suffered casualties in the airstrike, but he did not provide details.

Kunduz security officials have not yet commented.

Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and acknowledged they had hostages.