We did not recognize the US-Taliban deal: Saleh

First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh, said that the Afghan government did not recognize the US-Taliban deal signed late in February in Doha.

Addressing the Herat Security Dialogue virtually, Saleh said “We did not recognize the Doha deal. We did not welcome the deal. We did not approve the deal. We just said that we noted the Doha deal. The deal will be imposed on us if we used a strong term,” said Saleh. According to the Afghan government, the Taliban misuse the Doha deal.

“None of Taliban commanders know about the Doha deal. They (Taliban commander) say that they are ordered to increase violence and attack cities,” said Saleh.

Meanwhile, the Iranian ambassador in Kabul, Bahadur Aminian, also stated that Iran does not recognize the deal as well.

“We had some criticisms. The government was not aware of the Taliban and US talks. Now I think that one side feeling success in the peace talks and on the battlefield. First of all, both sides should change negotiating attitudes,” said Aminian.

On the other hand, the UK government said that the Doha deal paves the way for intra-Afghan peace talks, and it is worth to be preserved.

“I agree that there are problems, and one side feels success, but we should keep in mind that both sides hold peace talks. Now trust-building is needed but increases in violence-hit trust-building process,” said Alison Blake, UK ambassadress in Kabul.

Meanwhile, VP Saleh noted that the Taliban and Daesh become united and that the Taliban killing civilians, but Daesh “just claims responsibilities.”