Defense chief says he is not sure if peace talks with Taliban will yield results

Asadullah Khalid, nominated defense minister, said Tuesday that he is not sure if the peace negotiations will yield any results as it was clear the Taliban had no intention of reducing violence.

Highlighting the security strategy to lawmakers in the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) for a vote of confidence, Khalid stated that it is clear the Taliban have no intention of reducing violence or of bringing peace to the country.

Khalid claimed that the Taliban operation centers are still active in parts of Pakistan and are funded and equipped from there.

Acting Defense Minister stated: “The enemy has no intention for the sake of peace and reduction in violence, and we did not see their willingness [for peace]. I am not sure that the negotiations will yield a result, but I do not mean to oppose the peace talks, and the Afghan National Army (ANA) backs the real peace, and there is no guardian to protect the peace except the army.”

Nominee ministers for Justice and Higher Education also presented their plans to the Lower House of Parliament (Wolesi Jirga) for votes of confidence on Tuesday.

The nominee for the Ministry of Justice, Fazel Ahmad Manawi stated that justice was not being carried out for the people due to the laws of the country not being implemented. He said it was necessary to take practical steps to institutionalize the law.

“Unfortunately, most people even at the highest levels of government are not aware of the law; and this has challenged justice among the people, and more efforts must be made to enforce the law,” Manawi added.

Abbas Basir, the nominee for Higher Education, emphasized the fundamental changes in the education sector, stating that the teaching methods are outdated and do not meet the needs of society.

“The Fields of study must be organized according to the labor market, and I will do my best on the quality of education, and the teaching methods are outdated and ineffective, and it is the teacher-centered education that must be changed.”